Are all of your buildings built by the Amish?

All of our buildings are built by Amish or Mennonite craftsmen and offer a superior product at a great value.

How can I get a shed in if your delivery truck cannot access my site?

We can take the shed off the truck and place on a hydraulic cart to get to locations that have limited space and which will allow greater maneuverability to access tighter spots.  The cart is also useful in situations where there might be concern about the weight of a truck in too wet ground conditions, crossing septic lines or damaging landscaping.

What if I’m not sure that a shed can come in by truck or hydraulic cart?

We offer a free site check service (up to 30-miles from our lot) to determine how best your shed can be brought in and what the best foundation for your particular situation is.

Can you build on-site?

Yes, depending on your location we can build your shed on-site. We charge an additional 25% on the cost of the shed to bring the materials to your location and assemble on-site.

How much do you charge for delivery?

Delivery is free for locations within 30 miles of the shed lot.  If outside of the 30-mile limit, we charge $3.00 per loaded mile.

What is the best foundation for a shed?

A crushed stone foundation or cement pad are the best choices for a shed base.  Depending on the size of the shed, however, you can easily use patio blocks to level your building and keep it off the ground.

What is the general turn-around time for delivery of a shed?

If you purchase one of our sheds from our in-stock inventory, we can deliver within one week, depending on your ground situation.  All custom orders generally take about 3-4 weeks.

What is your rough-cut wood style?

Rough-cut wood buildings are made with “green” hemlock or pine lumber which has not been kiln-dried or treated.  It is the nature of the wood to produce some splits and cracks as it dries.  It is a sturdy, economical choice.

 What is kiln-dried pine?

Wood that has been kiln-dried has been placed in a chamber where heated air is circulated to speed up the drying process of the lumber.  In general, kiln-dried wood is resistant to cracks and splits, decay, fungal stain, and insect pests.  Stains and finishes last longer on kiln-dried wood.

What is DuraTemp siding?

DuraTemp plywood siding has a natural rough sawn cedar texture with a tough hardboard face that takes paint well and will not crack, split or check.  A building with DuraTemp siding will not have to be repainted for 8 – 15 years.